toni technik concrete testing

Today concrete components are manufactured in a wide range of shapes and dimensions. It is becoming more common to test whole components rather than just small samples as this can give a truer picture of how the component will act in situ. The ability to do this is is possible in part to the range of testing equipment and jigs which are available.

Concrete is strong in compression but weak in tension. When tensile loads are applied, concrete undergoes fracture easily. This is because aggregates (in the form of crushed rock gravel or stone) in concrete are capable of taking compressive stress,but during tensile loading cracks will form which separate the cement particles holding the aggregates together. These cracks will propagate under further compression and tension, leading to failure. This problem is usually resolved by the introduction of reinforcing components such as metal bars,ceramic and plastics fibres which act as a “skeleton” and are capable of holding aggregates togetther under tensile loading.

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As with all testing equipment, it is important that regular maintenance and traceable calibration is undertaken as part of your quality regime. Sercal can provide these services and a wealth of experience to help you develop and maintain your lab and it's equipment.

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