Sercal can service, upgrade, relocate and repair materials testing machines from a wide range of suppliers, and as a fully acredited UKAS calibration laboratory, can calibrate your equipment to your requirements.

They can supply spares and recondition or upgrade older equipment, all with their legendary friendly expert technical advice.  As part of the Zwick Roell group of companies, Sercal can call on their network to provide you with a complete service at industry competitive prices, so if you are involved in materials testing, Sercal has something to offer you, contact us now for more information.

Sercal machine relocation

Your materials testing machines and instruments are an important component of your company's success and they are used to produce reliable test results. That is why it is so important that your testing system and components can be used reliably again once they have been relocated.

 Your old frame or rig has served you well, the mechanism is still servicable and reliable but it is bristling with potentiometers and microswitches which are failing (it still works but you need to wiggle that wire :)  What are your options? capital purchase may not be available to you this year, so what about updating, upgrading or modernising your old faithful?

sercal alignment measurement

NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) is the first attempt to implement a unified approach to measurement and inspection in the supply chain. As more aerospace primes mandate Nadcap certification, Sercal Calibrations and Service are here to help you achieve compliance.